Mohooi is my native name given to me by my grandmother, the mother of my father.
Mohooi is a legendary snake that resembles a cobra and it crows like a rooster and has a smell like a pineapple.
According to legend and genealogy, Mohooi is our ancestor who married a Lizard and had a beautiful fairy daughter named Lingan who was discovered by a great hunter named Bfatfaton and they got married in Naudlaan, Chumang, Mayoyao, Ifugao where all the different kinds of snakes attended and even the Mohooi. After the wedding, everyone went home even all the different snakes and the Mohooi stayed in Naudlaan until he died and they place him on a jar.
One day, one of his grandchildren who resettled and got married somewhere in Natonin, Mountain Province had some problems, and with the native custom, traditions and ritual they need to have the jar where the Mohooi was placed.
Along the way, the jar fell in a river and all the fish died and the birds who fed on the fish died too. But today, the Mohooi still roams around but nobody saw it because they say that when you see the Mohooi, you die.

When I was sketching my imaginary image of the Mohooi in my room, Uncle Tony Elahe came in and ask what was I drawing and I said, “The Mohooi” and he laughed a said, “No one saw the Mohooi because they die when they see it”. And I said, “That’s why I’m drawing the image of the Mohooi so everyone will see and nobody will die” and we both laughed.


I think it was summer of 1969 or 1970 between 10:00 to 12:00 in the morning when I was galloping my horse from a place called Chujung when I passed by below an old cemetery where the house of former Mayoyao mayor Romeo Chulana is now built when my horse suddenly stood up and keep backing of until his left leg fell of the road, I saw a great fear in the horse eyes but it manage to climb back the road and after some few seconds it started to run fast forward, I tried to halt it but it kept running until we reach home where some uncles where there and they also saw the fear in the horse and ask me why and I told them what happened and they look at each other and one of them ask me. “You mean this happened on the road below the old cemetery?” and I said “yes” and after a few seconds of silence, then one said (I think it was Uncle Lachaona Alipunhu who said) “I think you met the Mohooi.” And another Uncle, Bfojowna Amawan confirmed that the place was the usual route of the Mohooi.

 Langbfojon is how my registered surname is pronounced. My registered name is Roland D. Langbayan and on my extra time I volunteer myself to do something For Everyone’s Benefit, though no one asked me to sacrifice some of my time, efforts, money for people I don’t know or have not seen, never met or might not even meet but I enjoy doing this and it’s my pleasure doing it,  and I’m inviting everyone to please join me and let’s unite and be friends to share discuss and plan on what to do for everyone’s benefit. We all know and feel that life is getting harder and let’s not rely on our government but let’s rather help our government on their programs so please join me and let’s all enjoy the challenges and thrill or doing something for the best interest, betterment and benefit of everyone.

I was born in Bfatu, a small village (then) in the municipality of Mayoyao, Ifugao province, southwest of the Grand Cordillera Mountains. Mayoyao is a member of the PALMANABA cluster, PALMANABA is and acronym of the municipalities of Paracelis, Alfonso Lista, Mayoyao, Natonin and Barlig which I shortened to PALMBAN and I love My PALMBAN Country Home, a land of many wonders, legends & folktales, rich Tradition, culture, heritage and adventures. (If you want to visit our wonderful place, just inform me and I'll be proud to show you around.) I'm just an ordinary human being who have seen, felt and experienced the hardship of life and I'm trying to do the best I know, to do something on:

1. Poverty,
2. Employment,
3. Health,

4. Livelihood for the poor,
5. Agriculture,
6. Fishery,
7. Environment, Global warming, Conservation, Reforestation, Protection and Development of the Watersheds, Conservation, Protection of the Flora and Fauna,
8. Education and Scholarship grants for poor deserving students.
9. Veterans, Senior Citizens, Single Mother/Parent and Child Abuse.
10. Tourism, Tribal Culture and Traditions.
11. Entertainments, Literary, Musical, and Sports to help divert the attentions of the Out of School Youth and others on drinking, gambling and other bad vices and habits,
12. Crime prevention, Scammers, Hackers and Justice,
13. World peace and order, and other good programs for development, economic growth, best interest, betterment and benefit of everyone.

 I know pretty well that in my lifetime it is impossible for me to do these things at one time but the least I can do is take the subject one at a time as they come my way.

I wish that everyone should care and select a subject and so something about it and it will be our God’s judgment on our second rebirth if we used the talents and knowledge he gave us properly.


 My interests is just about anything but I'm more interested in organizing people, groups and meeting responsible people who knows how to care for the Development, Best Interests, Betterment and Benefit of Everyone and not just for the benefit of their few chosen friends, people who have dreams and plans for the benefit of everyone, people who wants their dreams fulfilled before it becomes a nightmare. If you have dreams, come dream with me and we will work and do something for the fulfillment of those dreams and live happily ever after with full satisfaction. I also like to meet people who know, see, and feel the agony and pain that other people are suffering and care to do something about it. Many say they care but it's just a loose word. Many of us have seen on papers and televisions, heard it from the radio and friends the agonies and pains that other people are suffering but some of us don't just have the feelings to feel it and I wish that those who have more than enough in life would feel this and share some of their blessings to the less fortunate.

 My activities right now is looking for kind hearted, caring people and agencies who will help on the programs of NGOs (Non-Government Organizations.) I'm hoping they will be kind enough to care, share and help contribute their comments, suggestions, ideas, knowledge, resources or refers us to their friends who can give help and assistance on the mentioned programs so we can send the profiles, programs,  activities and other thing they want to know about the Non-Government Organization (NGO).

Please inform us of any good hearted people or agencies who will be interested to give aid or assistance on the above mentioned programs and we will prepare and provide what they may need. Please help!

 I grew up listening to Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Jimmie Rodgers , from our 78 rpm records, Hank Williams, Jim Reeves , Marty Robbins, Hank Thompson, Johnny Cash, Ray Price, Patsy Cline, Buck Owen, Merle Haggard, Vern Gosdin even Pat Boone and now there are plenty of them to listen to. My parents, brothers and sisters can all sing, the family loves music, I wrote some songs and poems and had been singing in some bars for extra money while I was working with the Environment and Natural Resources at the same time a Field Reporter and DJ Wizwizwiz the Long Haired Country Boy of Session Road at DZBS-Radio Philippine Network, Channel 9 (RPN9). When I left DZBS, I went to my hometown and managed DWAL Country Music Radio

I organized the Country Music Association of the Philippines (CMAP) just to help promote Country Music so more will listen to the enchanting sounds of country music or buy the CDs. I also opened a bar where members of the (CMAP) could come to practice and perform at night. I don't know about fan clubs because we don't have fan clubs but I think the DJs promote the singers and the songs better. Our country has more pop fanatic except in our region, The Cordillera Mountain Region were there are more country music listeners. We have different taste of music but I like music that I understand that relates to everyone's life, like country music that has all the music styles.


I forced myself  to learn how to read because people I ask to  tell stories where running out of stories and when they tell me stories, they are replays. I read my first novel Robin Hood when I was in grade IV, then the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew, some friends teased me that I was a gay because I read Nancy Drew, then all western pocket books that I lay my hands on. I think I've read all Louie "L'Amor and Max Brand books then all the books of James Clavell, Robert Ludlum, Frederick Forsyth, Sidney Sheldon and others but I think I have no time to read now, like the younger generation who don't have time also to read, they rather watch TV or play computer games.


 I watch all kinds of movies especially comedies and actions but there are time when I get disgusted with some movies that don't really have a story and there are movies that have the story but it was not directed well, but on my free time, I watch old western, mythology and other classic movies or whatever is there.

 When I have time, I usually watch the News, Everybody Loves Raymond, Bewitched, Seinfeld, Cheers, The Nanny, CSI, Judging Amy and other comedies.

 My nephews and nieces were talking about their heroes and after they said all their heroes, they ask me who are my heroes, I told them and explained why these are my heroes: Jose Rizal, Andres Bonifacio, Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, Yoshua ben-Yosef, Temujin and they all laugh when I added Bugs Bunny.

 I have no kids yet and I’m still looking for someone who will be my friend and partner in life who will share and enjoy with me the challenges and hardship of life and bear with me the sweetness, blissfulness and happiness of the fruits and success of life and to bear me children that we can afford to support. Is there anyone out there?

Since I was a kid we had always dogs and cats until now and a lot of animal. I had a horse when I was a kid whom I ride going to school and he was really a good friend. When I left to attend high school in another town, I did miss him especially when I see other horses. I went home one summer vacation and I saw him from afar eating grasses and called for him, he was not running anymore to meet me but slowly walking and I could see that he was really sick and as he was nearing, he was trying to be happy and making some sounds rubbing his nose on me as if saying, “Hello my friend, it’s good to see you back home” I patted him and hugged him as I was crying because I know I won’t be riding him anymore and I know it will be the last time I will ever see him. I stayed with him everyday until I left for school again. He was like our dogs that every time I go home they come wagging to meet me showing that they are glad that I am home. When my father visited me, he told me that my horse died and I never had a horse since then.

 We also had a bird pet that was so spoiled that it comes to the table everytime we eat and disturb everybody even if you throw the bird out, it will always come in to just do anything to disturb unless we put it on a cage and I was thinking, what if all the birds are tamed? If they are all tamed, I’m sure they will make man’s life miserable.

I eat anything that is edible. People, who have seen, felt the hardship and agony of life does not select their food even if it’s high in cholesterol they just need something in their stomach to make them survive, alive and working.

 I stopped drinking after wasting thirty three years and being in trouble a lot of times, hurting a lot of friends and good people. I hope all sick people will stop drinking since medicines are not cheap, some can afford to have money to buy drinks making drinks their medicines instead of medicines for whatever sickness they have. I also hope people will drink moderately which I never learned how; I just drink till I’m flat on the ground or sleep anywhere. I might have been drinking everyday after office hours but I never neglected my work.





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